Frequent Questions and Answers

How Much Optimal Internet Speed is required for Great TV Box to work properly ?

Great TV Box works best when you are getting 1.5 MBPS or more. You can connect to your router through the Ethernet wire or the wireless adapter (some models may have Wi-Fi or wireless adapter already built in the box).

The internet speed keeps changing, depending on service, time and load on the network, but it should remain at least 1.5 Mbps to work properly (1Mbps speed may also work but the quality may suffer).

How I can complete the configuration setup once I received new Great TV Box?

Simply, Great TV Box has automatic setup configuration, once you plug in the power adapter, the wizard setup will appear automatically on your TV screen.  All you need to do is follow the instructions. That’s all. 

How do I connect to my internet to Great TV Box?

You can connect through wire or wireless connection. First try to use wireless connection. It should work without any problems, it’s already tested by many customers. 

If you feel the internet connection signal is weak , then try to use wire connection. in this case you need to connect the Ethernet wire cable between your modem & Great TV Box.  That’s All.

What languages are supporting for Great TV Box?

Great TV Box is spporting all languages (Arabic., English, Turkey, French, Persian, Russia, Spanish, Germany, Italy, …and much more).

How to activate Great TV Box?

aAll you need to do is go to Home screen then press Echoo TV application  then go to Settings. You will be asked to enter the activation code.

Can I access YouTube & other social applications on Great TV Box?

aYes, popular YouTube & other social applications are easily accessible in Great TV Box.

All applications are available in Home Screen.  In order to search a video please highlight the search box and then press ‘OK’. The letters and numbers will appear in the bottom to help you to add the text to the search area.

What is included in Great TV Package & What is the Warranty?

aGreat TV Set top box, Remote Control, Power adapter, HDMI cable.

The warranty is one year.

How to renew my service & How to get my new activation code?

aTo renew your service, please contact your dealer or visit www.greattvbox.com.

Once you buy the service renewal, you will receive the activation code automatically by email within 5 minuets.

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